International Schools Debenture

The majority of local international schools are run by nonprofit and private nature. There are no funding and no subsidies from the government. Thus, the schools will issue the School Debentures to raise fund for developing the school infrastructure and curriculums. The International Schools have the priciest and offering a variety of school debentures. Based on supply and demand, many outsiders like Hong Kong, a place of superior education.


The Benefit of International School Debentures

Since the places for international schools are limited, a lot of parents let the children study in local international schools to learn the foreign languages and experience with bilingual and bicultural learning institution with a global perspective. This is a valued School Debenture Certification that will be of great benefit when the children apply to study in that International School.

Parents have to plan for their children for the place opportunities. As some international schools offer debenture holders admission interview priority, however, the First-Hand of School Debentures are closed. You have to apply in waiting list long for over 3 years to place the application.

For the children to enjoy outstanding school life in athletics, performing & visual arts and even if a diversity of opportunities to explore unique interests and passions of personal growth and development in student life. We are welcome our target customers including parents or company management team arrange for the oversea professionals staying in Hong Kong with their family, please feel to contact us for application of school debenture.

Types of School Debenture

In additional, there are different types of calls for the school debentures, such as Nomination Rights, Debenture Certification, Capital Notes and Capital Certificate. The parents can use the personal name or a company name to hold these school debentures and their children can have first priority to join the interview. For the personal holder, called Individual Debenture. In the other side, Corporate Debenture must held by the company and apply for the nominee to use this school debenture studying in the School. The company should be registered at the Hong Kong Company Registry. For BVI or China registered company, have to submit more supporting document requested by the school. Besides, different types of the school debenture are keeping different Debenture Value as shown as on the certification.


 Debenture Value

These debentures are not regulated by the Education Bureau and Hong Kong Monetary Authority. The school can establish its own policy, set its own price of debenture, requirement of compulsory purchase, transfer permissions, etc. The Debenture Value will be set by the Schools (we call it Face Value). The full value of the debenture can be redeemed when the student’s withdrawal from the school and without interest and less any penalties subject to the school.

The debenture holder is holding the debenture as holding the value allows you consider to redeem or transfer subject to its terms and conditions.


School Debentures may contribute to school enrolment

Many parents are looking for school debentures may contribute to school enrollment and their children can have first priority to join the school interview. Debentures are how parents of students contribute to the long-term funding of the School.

That means if the parents willing to pay the school debenture, however, if the school has been closed First-Hand, the parents must looking for Schools Debenture in second-hand market.


Second-hand School Debentures

Can the debenture be redeemed and transferred in the second-hand market? Yes, you can, the procedure and administration fee will be charged by the schools. Refer Debenture Value for redeeming in detail.

Transfers of Schools Debenture are subject to the school admission regulation. The procedure of transfer, it may cost admission fee and transfer fee. Also the transfer fee is required of different schools regulation. The existing holders have the right to apply for transferring to others subject to the school terms and conditions. Some of the Schools will not provide any transfer purchasers, then you can contact us for selling details, we can provide you the suitable purchaser and handling whole transfer procedure for you. We are always in School referral agency list.

Second-hand Prices

The price of transfer may be set by market demands or school cap it will be adjusted from time to time. Such transactions have to be approved by the school. It can be dramatically different between First-Hand and Second-Hand. If the demand of school debenture is growing up, the price will be increased from time to time. The increasing rate is different of schools depends on the International School reputation.

The Prefect Timing for School Debentures

There are plenty of parents who have tried to purchase the school debenture from the second-hand market for their children to get higher opportunity to study in that International School. Recently, most active International Schools such as The Independent Schools Foundation Academy, Victoria Shanghai Academy, Harrow International School Hong Kong and Chinese International School allowed to transfer the school debenture in the second-hand market subject to the terms and conditions. Many transactions for the said debentures applied in the enrollment period. Sometimes, if the children graduated or left the school, the debenture holder (parents or the Company) may consider to transfer from time to time. Our company provide the best and professional services to transfer the school debenture. Please feel free to contact us at 2722-6166 for more details.