Social Club Membership Guide

Social Club Membership

We are handling over hundred Social Clubs in Hong Kong, also in Macau and Mainland China. We always keeping good relationship with the most famous Social Club in Hong Kong and China. As a premier Club in Hong Kong which provides a gathering place for social, recreational, and business activities. If you got the Club Membership, the Club endeavours to provide a comfortable and enjoyable Club lifestyle for all members and their families. Enjoying Club facilities for personal and business purpose, such as good platform to meet your business partners.

Different between First-Hand & Second-Hand

The amount of members is limited in course of time. Some of the Clubs First-Hand membership is closed. The First-Hand owner may consider to sell it out, selling in the Second-Hand market though membership agency, called Second-Hand membership. At the same time, if there are any potential buyers looking for the Second-Hand membership then the agency matching for both side if the price are accepted, dealing with both parties and the Club and handling the whole transaction. In this case, the Second-Hand membership price will be adjusted from time to time. The natures of membership are no different between First-Hand & Second-Hand. The membership agency is responsible to assist and prepare the paper works for the whole transaction till completion. Upon the transaction approved by the Clubs successfully, the new owner will holding appropriate membership.

Membership Agency Reputation

Some of the Clubs may have a blacklist of poor membership agency because the poor services or immoral behavior which was not complying the Club rules. It is highly advice that members contact or check with the membership department of the Club before making decision and signing any agreements or authorizing the membership agency to handle the transaction, so that you can protect yourself or your Company interest. Our name, Sakura over 20 years professional experience in membership agency, Sakura always in the Clubs Referral Agency List. Please feel free to contact us at 2722 6166 for more details.

Company Restrictions Apply

For the Corporate Membership of the Club, the application of enterprise structure and the Nominee of Corporate Membership highly confidential submission in rigorous approval procedure with the Board Committees.

Some of the Clubs are not allowed for the members to lease their memberships to any non director or staff of the company. The Application procedure may be more complicated and take longer time to approval. Highly suggest be better to consult the agents in detail.

Transfer Restrictions Apply

Some memberships are non-transferable, and so the members need to check with their rights and interests before transferring their memberships. Some Clubs have long been prohibited for the corporate membership holders to sell the company’s shares in order to transfer the membership to new members. Such as different requirement for different type of Company in normal transfer and shelf-Company. Please feel free to contact us at 2722 6166 for more details.

Supporting Documents and Approval Time

Application Forms and supporting documents for submission requirement subject to the Club. For the application of Corporate Membership is more complicated than Individual Membership. Some of the Clubs requested to submit several years’ annual report for approval. The different document between HK register Company and oversea Company, such as BVI Company, the relative supporting documents will be submitted by standard format and signed with Company Director or certificated with CPA signature subject to the Club requests. A lot of paperworks can prepare by the professional agency for your easier handling. We can provide you the detail procedure with document checklists for your reference.

Some of the Clubs need the Board of Directors or Committees to approve the new application. It normally takes 3 to 4 weeks for approval. The Clubs will inform the sole agency immediately once approved. Sakura will follow up with both parties for further handling, make sure the customers satisfaction with whole transaction.

Clubs Guideline and Regulation

Due to the private nature of most Clubs in Hong Kong, the rules of Clubs are not regulated by other institutions.

Each Club has its own guidelines and regulations, all members must abide by the rules of the Club can not be contrary to the guidelines and regulations. The Club will remain in alignment with the Rules organization. Members are responsible for complying with the rules of the Club. In case of violation of the Club rules, members must bear all the consequences of their own.

Club Visits

Social Club as private nature will not open for public visiting. Club visits can be arranged by us with some of the Clubs if interested in the membership before if considered to join the Club. We always keeping good relationship with the Club Membership Department, so that we can apply the Club Visit for you to enjoy guide tour with Club membership professional staff.

Lawyer Cooperation

For peace of mind, clients can appoint their own lawyers or company secretaries to cooperate with us and to deal with the relevant membership transfer. Such as Hong Kong Golf Club transaction, the clients can make their own decision to apply stokehold with your solicitor in your convenience.

Transfer Fee

In general, the Clubs have their own calculation of the transfer fee. Transfer fee should be paid by the transferee on behalf of the transferor. The procedure of transaction please consulting sole agency for more details.

Service Fee

Each agencies have their own calculation and payment period of the service fee based on their own terms and conditions. Highly suggest to choose the good reputation agency to handle the transaction. We always provide free 24 hours consulting services and preparing pre-approval supporting documents. Please feel free to contact us for further information.